"If you’re going to rebel, do it with purpose"
"If you’re going to rebel, do it with purpose"

If you're going to rebel, do it with purpose

Make a statement with a silk scarf. Wangari Sthlm offers premium scarves in natural materials like silk and soft silk cotton blend, designed to make an impact. We are a purpose-driven fashion brand. Each collection supports a good cause through a small non-profit organization. Every product makes a difference. Find your favourite.

The products

The brand new collection ”Feed my flame” contains scarves, pocket-squares and mini-scarves made from natural materials. Symbolized by The Phoenix, we created this collection as a powerful reminder of inner strength and your capacity to rise again after falling. It´s an honor to be able to support the non-profit organization Ung Cancer through these designed items.

“Paradise has never been about places. It exists in moments. In connections. In flashes across time.” - Jeanette Winterson


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