Build your wardbrobe with slow fashion

“We only have two choices: do nothing or do something.” – Tony Kirwan

Conscious fashion, intentional fashion, sustainable and ethical fashion, they are all different ways to spell the words on everyones lips right now: slow fashion. It advocates the principle of fairness to both consumer and producer, clean with minimal damage to the environment and good quality material.

Slow fashion is not the typical seasonal trends where companies mass produce garments and sell it at a cheap price. Slow fashion is a movement here to stay. It is to raise awareness of the fact that there is a price to pay for fast fashion somewhere in the process. And once we are aware of the consequences we have a choice to make in how and why to shop. 

Having a capsule well made wardrobe costs less than following the latest trends and buying fast fashion where trends fade very quickly, the garment doesn’t fit well, has a short life span and a need to buy more clothes. With a well made quality capsule wardrobe, buying clothing less often but better quality intentionally.

And of course we all love fashion and at times we buy impulsively even though in theory we shouldn’t but let’s not be so religious about it, especially at the beginning of the journey. The point is being mindful of what and why we are buying.

Buying season-less fashion is certainly one way to develop or evolve an individual style where celebrating one uniqueness and personality. Why? Because much thoughts went to what to buy. Comfort is essential since it evokes an air of sophistication and beauty which adds individuality to any style.

We all love fashion for various reasons, mainly to look and feel good, so why not buy good quality ethically produced garments that lifts the spirit and lasts for a long time rather than one season. 

With any capsule wardrobe accessories play an important role in adding style and identity. One of the accessories that is indispensable to every wardrobe are the scarves. They are one of the easiest accessories to add a style to any outfit and always en-vogue never goes out of fashion. Just have look at the Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn with her boyish and easy to wear style. She is known for adding a scarf to finish off her outfit.

"Buy less, Choose well, Make it last" - Vivienne Westwood

There are many reasons why the scarf is essential to any wardrobe. Apart from the practicality, it is the easiest and quickest way to update any style adding a luxe finish. Read more about Wangari Sthlm's sustainable approach here.