Wangari Sthlm designs and produces exclusive accessories in sustainable materials, committed to the idea of offering premium items with lifelong value for our customers and their family and friends. Since our first collection was released in 2018, we stand strong in our belief that sustainability is the only way forward. That's the reason why each collection carries a story about a social or environmental need in the world, and every sold product supports a small non-profit organization working for that cause. We're proud to call it fashion with purpose. And we are convinced that no one is too small to make a difference.


The team

Wangari Sthlm was founded in Sweden 2017 by former marketing agency entrepreneur, Linda Häggkvist. With a background as strategic- and managing director she had a vision to develop a digital first fashion accessory brand, that merges social needs with fashion's power to create engagement. Today the core team at Wangari Sthlm consists of e-commerce manager Daniela, PR-manager Sara, financial and HR-manager Thomas, creative director Andreas and a selected network of specialists in different fields. If you have any questions or ideas for illustrations, campaign collaborations or available positions, you are very welcome to contact our in-house studio department here. A true passion for purpose is kind of mandatory.


Our vision 

Wangari's vision is to become a leading, global, social impact enterprise in the fashion industry, one statement piece at a time. We are determined to contribute to a future with less suffering, where individuals and companies take common action towards more equity, equality, diversity and sustainability through a holistic approach.