Wangari Sthlm is a sustainable fashion accessory brand launched in 2017. When we first launched our signature silk scarves, it was with the aim of combining purpose with creativity and style. Today we offer exclusive silk accessories and fine jewelry crafted from sustainable and recycled materials, for conscious women seeking timeless yet impactful pieces to elevate any look. Each collection from Wangari carries a story for a good cause, and every purchase supports a small non-profit organization. That´s what we call a sophisticated statement. 

In 2018 Wangari launched the impact initiative “Reach for Good” to support various projects through verified nonprofit organizations dedicated to create a better future for people, planet and wildlife. A possibility for companies, customers and influencers to empower social change through the passion for fashion.

  Our Founder

After almost 20 years in the brand- and communication industry, our Founder Linda Häggkvist decided to pursue her goal; to create a global fashion accessory brand that offers exclusive statement pieces merged with storytelling to make a difference for people and planet. Today the team at Wangari Sthlm consists of skilled creators, production managers and communication experts united by passion to develop a growing range of high-quality pieces; from everyday jewelry to high-end items that truly make an impact. Wangari is a 100% female owned company, managed by Founder Linda Häggkvist and Co-Founder Sara Furin. If you have any questions or suggestions for a collaboration, reach out to our inhouse creative studio at

Our Mission

Wangari´s mission is to create unique and eternal pieces, with a dedicated passion to ensure that our brand is a positive force on every platform where we exist.

Our Vision

Wangari´s vision is to become the leading impact-driven accessory brand on global level, and leave a legacy of beauty with purpose.