Wangari X Cetaphil, together for Tjejzonen.

Sisters all over the world, this one is for you. As many as 33% of women between the ages of 16 and 29 in Sweden, report impaired mental well-being. Many girls in this world suffer from loneliness, feeling that they don’t have an adult to talk to, or being afraid to talk about what makes them hurt. This is a social issue affecting us all and our future, regardless of age, background or gender.

"This is a social issue affecting us all, regardless of age, background or gender."

At the same time, we are seeing a development in the commercial landscape where some women consistently are described as strong and powerful. The term “power woman” is frequently seen in media and on social platforms. But who is strong, and who is not? What is the opposite then?

An image of two hands forming a heart 

Free to be sensitive and strong.

We designed the limited edition collection “Sensitive/Strong” with it´s vibrant, floral, butterfly pattern to highlight each individual´s potential. To emphasize the right of all women to be exactly what they want. In close collaboration with the global skincare brand Cetaphil we created this campaign to support all girls and young women of the world. Free to be sensitive, free to be strong.

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"We fight for every girl’s right to be heard and respected."

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The nonprofit organization Tjejzonen is Sweden’s largest support organization for girls. On a daily basis they fight for girls’ right to be heard and respected. The collaboration between Wangari and Cetaphil supports their cause, aiming to decrease the numbers of mental illness and vulnerability among girls between the age of 10 and 25. For every scarf sold, we donate USD 11,50 to Tjejzonen.

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