Wangari´s mission is to merge different social needs with fashion and lifestyle, in order to increase awareness and financial funds for small non-profit organizations over the world.

When it comes to cancer, none of us will stay untouched. One of three people get cancer but everybody´s affected. Wangari is truly honored and happy to be able to support Ung Cancer with our collection ”Feed My Flame”. Their focus is to support and be a voice for young adults affected by cancer in one way or another. We never know what tomorrow will bring, but everybody has the power to contribute with something to create positive change. Together is stronger. Always.



Ung Cancer is a non-profit organization that supports all the young adults who are forced to live with or near cancer. They are a solid foundation when the ground shakes and everything changes. Ung Cancer is there, every step of the way – also providing financial support to those who, due to the cancer, have difficulty getting the economy together.

Wangari X Ung Cancer 


Ung Cancer exists for its members by providing psychosocial support and filling the gap that often arises between life in the hospital and life outside. They create meetings and opportunities for community in a time when it is easy to feel totally lonely in the world.

 Wangari X Ung Cancer


Ung Cancer informs about young adult cancer to fight prejudice, reduce fear and inspire change. They debate issues that affect target groups, to achieve change in healthcare and in society.

 Wangari X Ung Cancer


A message about cancer brings endless emotions. For some it awakens a fighting spirit and stubbornness, for others it is sorrow, anger or horror. Most people who get a cancer diagnosis get healthy again. Continue to be there for the person you know who is, or has been, ill. Together is always stronger, and no act of kindness is ever too small. 


Visit Ung Cancer to learn more about their work here.