What is the history behind your name, Wangari?

Our name is inspired by the internationally renowned Kenyan activist, Wangari Maathai. In 1977, Maathai founded the Green Belt Movement. An environmental non-governmental organization focused on the planting of trees, environmental conservation and women's rights. In 2004 she received the Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace. How great is that!


Which countries do you ship to?

At the moment, we offer free shipping within Sweden. But we are working hard to broaden our reach with reasonable shipping solutions. In the mean time, send us an e-mail if you live somewhere else in the world and there's a certain product you've fallen for.

Am I able to find Wangari's scarves in any physical stores?

We are proud do present ourselves as a fashion brand based on a digital foundation. That means we can offer high quality products at a reasonable price, and speak directly to our customers in our channels. But – we do want to meet you IRL as well. In the future, keep an eye out for Wangari Sthlm pop-up stores!

(If you are a retailer looking for a new exciting collaboration to complete your store, don't hesitate to say hello.)


“Turning local social impacts into global fashion”, what do you mean by that?

We found that small local nonprofit organizations struggle to get their important messages out to the public. Larger organizations often get most of the big brand-collaborations, large funds and marketing resources, due to leverage potential. As we see it, the world is full of heroes working persistently to solve different social issues. They find solutions for problems and put their effort on the field, to get the job done for sustainable results. We are truly driven by our mission to support these fantastic projects and people.

Wangari Sthlm access the highly engaging world of fashion with our products, our reach in social media and other marketing channels. We look at our scarves as a sort of a canvas, where we interpret varying causes through our premium design. In this way, we are able to support nonprofit organizations with higher reach, with the objective to increase awareness of their essential work. And we always contribute to a specific project with funds from each collection.


How much do you donate to the nonprofit organization, linked to each collection?

That depends on the organization, project and size of the collection. For us, the crucial part is to identify collaborations where detectable results can be reached with the financial support generated by Wangari Sthlm. The amount donated per scarf is always a minimum of 100 SEK (approx. 11 USD). As an example, Wangari supported the Swedish nonprofit organization Wildhood Foundation with 30 000 SEK linked to our first limited edition collection Critically Endangered. That contributed to fight poaching and illegal trafficking of wild animals in Africa.


The item I was looking to buy is out of stock. Will you restock?

Sometimes we do, due to demand or special inquieries. Please send us an e-mail to let us know which item you have in mind.

If you're looking to find answer to any question not listed above, please see the main page and subjects. Also seek through the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions to find information about delivery options and payments. Please contact our customer support if you still have any question waiting to be answered. We'll be happy to assist.

Get in touch at hello@wangaristudio.com