The great stories

This is the part where we need to tell you about some really serious stuff that made us found Wangari in the first place. In fact, it’s a matter of life and death. Oh, we sure know what a boredom it can be, to be forced into just another save the world-essay. But just bare with us here. This is not really about us. The Wangari brand is driven by purpose to create shared value by fusing social needs with the power of fashion. Each collection of premium silk scarves is inspired by amazing work, performed by small nonprofit organizations around the world.  We support with marketing space and financial means dedicated to a certain project. When you wear a scarf from Wangari, you share a story that actually changes the world (a little bit at a time).

We seek in our partners what we hope you´ll find in Wangari. A true determination to make a difference, and belief that it´s a statement to care.

Experience the stories and meet the extraordinary people we had the honor to collaborate with, so far. 


Wildhood X Wangari 

Wildhood Foundation

For our first chapter in our ongoing projects, we met up with Filippa wearing our iconic scarf – the way they want to wear them. Our collections act as a catalyst for their own style, their own attitude, and their own sense of uniqueness within the city of millions.

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