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If you're going to rebel, do it with purpose.

Wangari Sthlm is the luxury scarf brand which brings purpose into fashion, through stories designed in squares. Each scarf collection is inspired by a social need in the world, and every product tells a story far beyond fashion. One purchase – one donation to a small nonprofit organization and increased awareness about their cause. Your style makes an impact.

Our scarves are made from premium 100% natural materials like silk and silk/cotton mix, designed and produced with close attention to every detail. Discover our limited edition collections below, in different styles and sizes. As a sustainable fashion brand, we offer timeless accessories made to last a lifetime. 

Let a soft, pure silk twill scarf with hand rolled edges personalize your favourite outfits for every season. Go beyond the ordinary, use your scarf as a belt or headband. Wangari's silk accessories are designed to make an impact. Together with over 1000 customers and exciting collabs, we stick to our mission: Contribute to a better future, one design piece at a time.