7 ways to style your scarf

Scarves have been used since... forever? But still, it can be a tricky thing to style one if you're not used to it. Here you can find some guidelines, or simply some inspiration on how to style, tie and wear your scarves.

The Simple Knot

The classic scarf style as we know it, tied around your neck. This size can be used as a simple wrap and knot, or in a bit more complicated tie.

The hair-tie and wrap

A scarf around your head is one of the biggest trends right now, but at the same time a classic, timeless way to accessorize. This style always works to elevate your everyday outfit or bring an extra touch of edge when its time to put them heels on! 

The Basic

Twirl it and let it do it's magic just being there around your neck, match different key-colours from the scarf with your dress, or let it pop in a black/white or all denim outfit!

The Waist Wrap

Well, the pictures kind of speak for themselves. Fold the scarf all the way making it a belt, perfect for trenchcoats and denim!

The Bag Wrap

This is a simple, smart and sustainable way to make your bag feel brand new while giving your outfit that extra touch of elegance! 

The Pocket Scarf

The pocket scarf in 43x43 cm is a go-to to spice up any outfit, use it head to toe, on your bag, around your wrist, neck or hair. Or as the name suggests - in your suit pocket!

 The Classic

An all time favourite that never goes out of style, the tight neck tie! Perfect for those colder days when you want to stay warm and fashionable at the same time.

Hope you found plenty of DIY-inspiration for your summer outfits! Also, take a look at our instagram account for additional tutorials and inspiration!