Moments to remember

We started our countdown to Mother´s Day 2024 with a reflection on what really matters. On a sunny spring day in Stockholm city, Wangari caught up with the stunning mother-daughter duo Lotta and Ella in a close conversation about motherhood, friendship and life lessons.

In this interview, we have the pleasure of sharing an inspiring conversation between two women with extraordinary radiance.


How would you describe your relationship?

Lotta: We have a tight bond, we love to spend time together just the two of us. And with the rest of our family.

Ella: I would say that our relationships is warm, safe and healthy - and a lot of fun!


What is something courageous you’ve seen your mother do?

Ella: Well. She is just the backbone of our family…

Lotta: … and when I look at Ella, I see a determined and a bit stubborn young woman who is confident in herself and incredibly caring and loving towards everything and everyone around her.


What weird quirk did you pick up from your mother?

Ella: Oh, it's our hysterical laughter, we sound exactly the same! And the fact that we are equally clumsy.

Lotta: Also that we often say the same things at the same time.


What is the best quality that you share with each other?

Ella & Lotta, at the same time: The deep love we have in our family and how we show up, communicate and care for each other. The love only gets bigger the more the family grows.


What’s the best piece of advice your mother has ever given you? And the worst?

Ella: Mom always said that everything always works out, as long as we have each other. The worst wasn´t actually an advice, but that she let me go to Rhodes when I was 16, hehe. It wasn´t exactly a quiet journey if you say so…

Lotta: And here I would like to appropriately add that I always believed in something that the wonderful Astrid Lindgren once said: “Give the children love, more love and even more love, and common sense will come by itself”. 


Major mother-daughter goals, right! Thanks for letting us share this special moment. And have a memorable Mother´s Day, all moms out there.

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