Sensitive/Strong Bamboo Orange-Red Scarf

375 kr 749 kr

90x90cm | 100% silk

Rebel in red. With this vivid 90x90 cm silk scarf from the limited edition ”Sensitive/Strong”-collection, you may still face some problems in life, but uninspiring outfits won´t be one of them.

This exclusive accessory is all about detailed Swedish design, made from 100% pure silk, created to last a lifetime. As a sustainable fashion brand we remain conscious about environmental as well as social impact issues, minimizing damage and maximizing shared value for our planet and all its residents.

A silk scarf can be styled in a thousand ways. Trendy or classic. Try it as a belt or a summer top. Tie a bow around your neck. Give your vintage handbag a new look by wrapping the scarf around one handle. Let this premium accessory inspire you to bloom and fly high.

A fascinating combination of sensitive and strong, carefully created in close collaboration with the global skincare brand Cetaphil. We support Tjejzonen with USD 11,50 from each item sold.

Key Colors: Orange, Red, Yellow, Brown

Careguide: Here

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